Best of #Yammer #YamJam @Yammer #Office365 IT-Pro Network 23.02.2016

Vor knapp einer Stunde ist ein YamJam zum Thema Yammer zu Ende gegangen. Für Informationen worum es sich hierbei handelt, bzw. eine Zusammenfassung des letzten Termins verweise ich auf meinen Blog-Artikel.

Mehr als 80 aktive Yammerer haben sich vorgestellt. Was sind diesmal die in meinen Augen interessantesten Themen und Antworten gewesen? Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung:

Editing and Posting

Groups Integration

Q: What’s the situation with O365 groups and Yammer. Is the plan to integrate Yammer or will the groups have their own independent messaging system?

O365 Group conversations and Yammer conversations will stay two separate communication channels.

A/B Testing

Q: Are changes to design and functionality switched on/off on per-user-base or per-tenant? It could really confuse employees to see changes the colleague doesn’t. If per-user why and are there any plans to change that? Are there plans to give admins more updates on upcoming changes in Yammer or least informing us when A/B testing is underway in our networks? Quite often users come to us about a new feature which we haven’t got sight of apart from a brief description from the roadmap.

Not a real answer here, but the community is clearly not happy about A/B Tests in a productive environment. Sometimes for the whole tenant, sometimes for single users. This is confusing.


Q: When will we able to have yammer content show up in the SharePoint Online Search Center?

Nothing new or good for SharePoint Search environments.

Communication in Teamsites

Q: When integrating Yammer with the O365 Suite, and making Yammer an offering to all O365 customers, will you also replace the SP Newsfeed in Teamsites with Yammer?

There were a few other topics around Yammer Embed. Bringing Yammer not only to Groups, but to SharePoint is a big issue for companies out there.

Dialog at Group Creation and Group Meta-Data

Q: I have seen (there was a conversation here somewhere) a pop-up dialog when creating a group for which purpose this group is meant. Could you give us more information about what you are planning to do with this functionality and what happens when choosing different answers?

And directly another one: are there plans to add topics/meta-data top groups itself?

Topic Management / SharePoint Term Store Integration

Q: At the last YamJam there was an open question if there are plans to use the SharePoint term store for Yammer or somehow sync/merge them. Any plans?

I am looking forward to an answer to Eric’s suggestion. To be able to manage Hashtags would be great.

Content Movement

Q: Has there been any progress in introducing the opportunity to move a post to another group (rather than share) and also edit a post?

Profile Sync

Q: Where are we on the integration of Office365 and Yammer regarding the user profile ? today we have 2 users profile and the User Profile information from Office365 is used to make the initial provisionning of the Yammer one. But once provisionned, the story stopping there. Within Yammer Roadmap, it is schedule to make a full sync of Office365 Profile => Yammer Profile, where are we ? what will happen ? could we have more details ?

Did I miss something important? Please share and comment. Thank you!

Update 04.03.2016: the official summary is now available:

3 Gedanken zu „Best of #Yammer #YamJam @Yammer #Office365 IT-Pro Network 23.02.2016

  1. Thomas,
    great post, thanks! It look like the Office 365 unified groups and Yammer integration are further off than I thought. Any insights here? Any ideas where the first real integration will start and what it will look like? A simple O365 group creation triggering a Yammer group with synced membership would be great – how far away are we from that?

    1. Microsoft was accessed a few times by MVP Melanie if they can share first screenshots, blueprints of how the better integration would look like. Unfortunately it seems there is everything still in work not ready to be shown. But as far as I heared between the lines of C.Fiessinger and others the scenario you asked for (group creation triggering…) should be closer than we thought a few weeks ago. I hope for in 2016.

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